Weekly Program Guide for All Channels - Jan 16, 2022 to Jan 22, 2022
Sunday12:00 AMRainZenGardenTO BDCST
Sunday8:00 AMBonanzaS1E21TO BDCST
Sunday9:00 AMBonanzaS1E25TO BDCST
Sunday10:00 AMBonanzaS1E29TO BDCST
Sunday11:00 AMBonanzaS1E30TO BDCST
Sunday12:00 PMBOSReorgTO BDCST
Sunday3:00 PMBonanzaS1E31TO BDCST
Sunday4:00 PMBonanzaS1E32TO BDCST
Sunday5:00 PMBonanzaS2E1TO BDCST
Sunday6:00 PMGulliversTravelsTO BDCST
Sunday7:30 PMTheLastManEarthTO BDCST
Sunday8:57 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Sunday10:57 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Monday12:00 AMRainZenGardenTO BDCST
Monday8:00 AMPower of storm waterTO BDCST
Monday8:21 AMRiparian Forest BuffersTO BDCST
Monday8:43 AMBats are goodTO BDCST
Monday9:07 AMEssentials of compostingTO BDCST
Monday9:23 AMPlastic Bag PollutionTO BDCST
Monday9:33 AMDescription of a Rain GardenTO BDCST
Monday9:36 AMElectricity ConservationTO BDCST
Monday10:31 AMEAC121115-WhiteTailedDeerTO BDCST
Monday11:04 AMEAC150824BirdwalkTO BDCST
Monday11:09 AMEAC151210-ButterflyTO BDCST
Monday11:30 AMTree Planting BasicsTO BDCST
Monday12:00 PMBOSReorgTO BDCST
Monday2:30 PMD Twp's own Native GardenTO BDCST
Monday2:56 PMRestoring the River OtterTO BDCST
Monday3:53 PMConserving Native speciesTO BDCST
Monday4:19 PMKeep Riparian CorridorsTO BDCST
Monday5:00 PMPrayingMantisesTO BDCST
Monday6:00 PMCroatiasSecretTO BDCST
Monday7:00 PMEvergladesNationalParkTO BDCST
Monday8:00 PMLittleShopHorrorsTO BDCST
Monday9:11 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Monday11:11 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Tuesday12:00 AMRainZenGardenTO BDCST
Tuesday8:00 AMAudubon Year of the BirdTO BDCST
Tuesday8:52 AMClean Water is importantTO BDCST
Tuesday9:30 AMPA Timber RattlerTO BDCST
Tuesday9:58 AMGreen Solutions to Water BluesTO BDCST
Tuesday10:55 AMInsects are importantTO BDCST
Tuesday12:00 PMBOSReorgTO BDCST
Tuesday2:30 PMGEN180701KutzKidzTO BDCST
Tuesday3:00 PMCB West Music On Maint ST #1TO BDCST
Tuesday3:21 PMD Twp Opioid MeetingTO BDCST
Tuesday5:00 PMAnimalsBuildingSkillsTO BDCST
Tuesday6:00 PMCheetahsHighSpeedTO BDCST
Tuesday7:00 PMBrokenArrowTO BDCST
Tuesday9:00 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Tuesday11:00 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Wednesday12:00 AMRainZenGardenTO BDCST
Wednesday8:40 AMHandling medications ideasTO BDCST
Wednesday8:58 AMVaping may be dangerousTO BDCST
Wednesday9:00 AMCholesterol treatment advancesTO BDCST
Wednesday9:30 AMEmergency Room TipsTO BDCST
Wednesday10:20 AMRevised exercise guidelinesTO BDCST
Wednesday10:50 AMColon cancer detectionTO BDCST
Wednesday11:05 AMAlcohol related heart issuesTO BDCST
Wednesday11:20 AMColorectal Cancer issuesTO BDCST
Wednesday11:45 AMDoylestown Health OverviewTO BDCST
Wednesday12:00 PMBOSReorgTO BDCST
Wednesday2:30 PMMED180718VIKORENTO BDCST
Wednesday3:29 PMImportance of ExerciseTO BDCST
Wednesday4:00 PMExercise EmergenciesTO BDCST
Wednesday4:45 PMHydration is importantTO BDCST
Wednesday5:00 PMFascinateDeepLakeTO BDCST
Wednesday6:00 PMDeadlineUSATO BDCST
Wednesday8:00 PMForeignLegionTO BDCST
Wednesday10:00 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Thursday12:00 AMRainZenGardenTO BDCST
Thursday8:00 AMGift of life donor programTO BDCST
Thursday9:00 AMHeart blockagesTO BDCST
Thursday9:30 AMDoylsHealth210928TO BDCST
Thursday10:00 AMPelvicFloorDysfunction01TO BDCST
Thursday10:30 AMDT_Health_DigestionTO BDCST
Thursday11:05 AMHoliday Heart issuesTO BDCST
Thursday12:00 PMBOSReorgTO BDCST
Thursday2:30 PMCivil War LectureTO BDCST
Thursday4:00 PMDelVal_125th_AnnTO BDCST
Thursday5:00 PMTheBalticForestTO BDCST
Thursday6:00 PMGroomWoreSpursTO BDCST
Thursday8:00 PMHeartbeatTO BDCST
Thursday10:00 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Friday12:00 AMRainZenGardenTO BDCST
Friday8:30 AMIntro to Alcholics Anon Doc.TO BDCST
Friday10:15 AMJean RutherfordTO BDCST
Friday11:24 AMSenior Expo - Dec 10, 2020TO BDCST
Friday12:00 PMBOSReorgTO BDCST
Friday2:31 PMWm Edgar Geil DocumentaryTO BDCST
Friday3:14 PMInterview with Judge LudwigTO BDCST
Friday4:30 PMStorm Water managementTO BDCST
Friday5:30 PMWeirdestCreaturesTO BDCST
Friday6:30 PMSeptemberAffairTO BDCST
Friday8:30 PMTimeOfTheirLivesTO BDCST
Friday10:00 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Saturday12:00 AMRainZenGardenTO BDCST
Saturday8:05 AMFlashGordonSeriesTO BDCST
Saturday12:00 PMBOSReorgTO BDCST
Saturday2:30 PMFunniestWildAnimalTO BDCST
Saturday3:30 PMFascinateDeepLakeTO BDCST
Saturday5:00 PMStagecoachTO BDCST
Saturday7:00 PMMurderByContractTO BDCST
Saturday8:59 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
Saturday10:59 PMFireplaceCracklingTO BDCST
*This schedule is valid as of 9:30 AM on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.