Weekly Program Guide for TO BDCST - May 23, 2020 to May 29, 2020
Saturday6:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Saturday6:04:52 AMWhat are Vernal Ponds
Saturday6:31:04 AMD Twp's own Native Garden
Saturday7:00:00 AMTelecom Adv Bd reports
Saturday8:03:54 AMPA Opioid Crisis
Saturday8:23:03 AMDTWP Opioid Mtg
Saturday10:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Saturday10:04:52 AMAssistance for tax returns
Saturday10:16:16 AMVeteran issues
Saturday11:00:00 AMRevised exercise guidelines
Saturday11:22:41 AMPeripheral Aertery Dis basics
Saturday11:37:25 AMHandling medications ideas
Saturday12:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Saturday12:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Saturday12:51:15 PMDoylestown's Restauranteur
Saturday2:01:15 PMIntro to Wm Geil documentary
Saturday2:08:51 PMWm Edgar Geil Documentary
Saturday2:52:02 PMChina TV sends a Geil crew
Saturday3:15:08 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Saturday3:20:00 PMRestoring the River Otter
Saturday4:46:15 PMMichael Pettine
Saturday6:00:00 PMBirdwalk in DTWP
Saturday6:05:47 PMAmerican Kestril
Saturday6:20:39 PMConstruction of Kids Castle
Saturday7:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Saturday7:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Saturday8:01:15 PMThe Burpee Seed Co
Saturday10:24:40 PMBucks County Transport Overview
Saturday10:58:08 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Saturday11:03:00 PMGift of life donor proram
Sunday6:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Sunday6:04:52 AMWhat are Vernal Ponds
Sunday6:31:04 AMD Twp's own Native Garden
Sunday7:00:00 AMTelecom Adv Bd reports
Sunday8:00:00 AMPA Pgm on Opioid Crisis
Sunday8:19:09 AMD Twp Opioid Meeting
Sunday9:50:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Sunday10:00:00 AMTax return assistants
Sunday10:11:24 AMVeteran Issues
Sunday11:00:00 AMRevised exercise guidelines
Sunday11:22:41 AMHandling medications ideas
Sunday11:35:16 AMCholesterol treatment advances
Sunday12:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Sunday12:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Sunday1:05:15 PMForest Park Presentation
Sunday2:00:00 PMIntro to Documentary
Sunday2:07:36 PMWm Edgar Geil Documentary
Sunday3:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Sunday3:06:07 PMJudge Ludwig
Sunday4:35:00 PMDementia Society
Sunday5:45:08 PMAmerican Kestril
Sunday6:00:00 PMAudubon Year of the Bird
Sunday7:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Sunday7:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Sunday7:56:15 PMCivil War Presentation
Sunday10:09:59 PMSenior Transportation Info
Sunday10:58:32 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Sunday11:03:24 PMGift of life donor proram
Monday6:04:52 AMWhat are Vernal Ponds
Monday6:31:04 AMD Twp's own Native Garden
Monday7:00:00 AMTelecom Adv Bd reports
Monday8:00:00 AMPA Pgm on Opioid Crisis
Monday8:19:09 AMD Twp Opioid Meeting
Monday10:04:52 AMTax return assistants
Monday10:16:16 AMVeteran Issues
Monday11:00:00 AMRevised exercise guidelines
Monday11:22:41 AMHandling medications ideas
Monday11:35:16 AMCholesterol treatment advances
Monday12:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Monday12:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Monday1:01:15 PMForest Park Presentation
Monday2:00:00 PMIntro to Documentary
Monday2:07:36 PMWm Edgar Geil Documentary
Monday3:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Monday3:06:07 PMJudge Ludwig
Monday4:35:00 PMDementia Society
Monday5:45:08 PMAmerican Kestril
Monday6:00:00 PMAudubon Year of the Bird
Monday7:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Monday7:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Monday7:56:15 PMCivil War Presentation
Monday10:11:00 PMSenior Transportation Info
Monday10:55:08 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Monday11:00:00 PMGift of life donor proram
Tuesday6:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Tuesday6:04:52 AMElectricity Conservation
Tuesday8:00:00 AMDoylestown Twp's Old Bldg
Tuesday8:12:40 AMOld Building Problems
Tuesday8:22:48 AMD Twp's Time Capsule
Tuesday9:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Tuesday9:04:52 AMBuild the Kids Castle Kingdom
Tuesday9:06:39 AMConstruction of Kids Castle
Tuesday9:42:10 AMAddition of the Pirate Ship
Tuesday10:00:00 AMSenior Planning End of Life
Tuesday11:05:00 AMProstate Cancer basics
Tuesday11:23:48 AMAvoiding Peripheral Artery Dis
Tuesday11:38:32 AMNew Cardiac Imaging ideas
Tuesday12:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Tuesday12:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Tuesday1:01:15 PMPart 1 of moving Please Touch
Tuesday1:31:41 PMHistory of Village Impr Assoc
Tuesday2:00:00 PM100th Anniv of Vets Day
Tuesday2:15:01 PMD Civil Air Patrol
Tuesday2:26:45 PMBicentennial Gala
Tuesday2:34:22 PMD Twp's Time Capsule
Tuesday3:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Tuesday3:04:52 PMClean Water is important
Tuesday3:50:00 PMWays to age well
Tuesday5:00:00 PMPennDOT Safe Winter Driving
Tuesday5:04:28 PMPlanting Trees beside water
Tuesday5:19:19 PMSeptic Management
Tuesday5:31:50 PMBuilding Green in Phila
Tuesday6:00:00 PMInvasive White Tailed Deer
Tuesday6:32:57 PMTree Planting Basics
Tuesday6:42:09 PMDescription of a Rain Garden
Tuesday6:45:11 PMDedication of Rain Garden
Tuesday7:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Tuesday7:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Tuesday8:00:00 PMMichael Pettine
Tuesday9:02:00 PMD Twp Park & Rec reports
Tuesday9:28:08 PMWater & Sewer reports
Tuesday10:02:00 PMD Twp's Barbara N Lyons
Tuesday10:38:30 PMFire Prevention
Tuesday11:05:08 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Tuesday11:10:00 PMProstate Cancer basics
Tuesday11:28:48 PMHandling medications ideas
Tuesday11:41:23 PMCholesterol treatment advances
Wednesday6:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Wednesday6:04:52 AMD Twp Birdwalk
Wednesday6:10:39 AMAmerican Kestril
Wednesday6:25:31 AMPA Timber Rattler
Wednesday7:00:00 AMSign up for Ready Notify
Wednesday7:08:48 AMD Twp Environmental
Wednesday7:30:19 AMD Twp's Fire Mashal
Wednesday8:00:00 AMD Twp Opioid Mtg
Wednesday9:30:51 AMPA Officials react
Wednesday9:55:08 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Wednesday10:00:00 AMPositively Aging
Wednesday10:17:03 AMCB Regional Police Chief
Wednesday11:00:00 AMChronic Pulmonary issues
Wednesday11:12:41 AMHoliday Heart issues
Wednesday11:26:10 AMWinter Exercises
Wednesday11:41:53 AMWalk with a Doc
Wednesday11:50:33 AMWhy sitting is unhealthy
Wednesday12:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Wednesday12:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Wednesday1:01:15 PMDoylestown's legal bckgrnd
Wednesday2:00:00 PMDel Val's own Dr. Feldstein
Wednesday2:34:14 PMTrail expansion dedication
Wednesday3:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Wednesday3:05:12 PMAlcoholism program
Wednesday3:07:20 PMAnonymity and Alcoholism
Wednesday4:45:00 PMEnd of Life Planning
Wednesday6:00:00 PMWhite Tailed Deer
Wednesday6:32:57 PMTree Planting Basics
Wednesday6:42:09 PMDescription of a Rain Garden
Wednesday6:45:11 PMDedication of Rain Garden
Wednesday7:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Wednesday7:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Wednesday8:00:00 PMDr. Ahmed Mazaheri
Wednesday9:00:00 PMBoard & Commission Report
Wednesday10:00:00 PMElder Law basics
Wednesday10:33:00 PMHeart's Electrical Syatem
Thursday6:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Thursday6:04:52 AMEssentials of composting
Thursday6:21:02 AMPlastic bag pollution
Thursday6:30:48 AMBats are good
Thursday7:00:00 AMKids Castle
Thursday7:33:55 AMDog Park
Thursday8:00:00 AMSeptic System Concepts
Thursday8:12:31 AMRiparian Forest Buffers
Thursday8:34:26 AMWater's Fury
Thursday9:00:00 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Thursday9:04:52 AMStrm Water management
Thursday10:00:00 AMSenior Games
Thursday10:35:38 AMHabitat for Humanity
Thursday11:15:00 AMHeat monitoring devices
Thursday11:26:01 AMAn AED demonstration
Thursday11:36:17 AMOrthopedic benefits of walking
Thursday11:46:35 AMClinical Research Primer
Thursday12:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Thursday12:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Thursday1:01:15 PMA retrospective on Forest Park
Thursday2:00:00 PMDel Val's own Dr. Feldstein
Thursday2:34:14 PMTrail expansion dedication
Thursday2:55:08 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Thursday3:00:20 PMAlcoholism program
Thursday3:02:28 PMAnonymity and Alcoholism
Thursday4:31:10 PMHome downsizing cleanout
Thursday5:23:28 PMConsumer Protection
Thursday6:02:00 PMWays to reduce rainfall runoff
Thursday6:10:44 PMSoil is important
Thursday6:24:51 PMThe Monarch Butterfly Story
Thursday7:00:00 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Thursday7:46:51 PMJudge Ludwig
Thursday9:00:00 PMD Twp's Fire Mashal
Thursday10:00:00 PMSenior Wellness
Thursday10:27:02 PMInterview with Ron Strouse
Thursday11:25:08 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Thursday11:30:00 PMHeart blockages
Friday5:58:43 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Friday6:03:35 AMDescription of a Rain Garden
Friday6:06:37 AMDedication of Rain Garden
Friday6:17:51 AMTree Planting Basics
Friday6:27:03 AMDeer Problems
Friday7:00:00 AMBike & Hike Committee
Friday7:23:29 AMMunicipal Authority
Friday7:59:59 AMPA Opioid Crisis
Friday8:19:08 AMMED161012-OpioidMtg
Friday9:49:59 AMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Friday9:54:51 AMBC Area Agency on Aging
Friday10:27:17 AMElder Law basics
Friday11:00:00 AMChronic Pulmonary issues
Friday11:12:41 AMHoliday Heart issues
Friday11:26:10 AMIndoor Exercise
Friday11:41:53 AMRemaining active in retirement
Friday12:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Friday12:04:52 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Friday1:01:15 PMLester Trauch
Friday1:14:44 PMPlease Touch Museum
Friday1:55:00 PMD Twp's Time Capsule
Friday2:16:44 PMDTWP Bicentennial Gala
Friday2:24:21 PMKutz Kids salute DTWP Bicent.
Friday2:39:48 PMDTWP Bicent. Oscar Sing
Friday3:00:00 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Friday3:04:52 PMGreen Solutions to Water Blues
Friday6:00:00 PMBats are good
Friday6:24:08 PMEssentials of composting
Friday6:40:18 PMPlastic Bag Pollution
Friday6:50:04 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Friday7:00:00 PMBd of Supv Mtg May 19. 2020
Friday7:47:15 PMMargaret Bye Richie
Friday8:58:43 PMTelecom Adv Bd reports
Friday10:00:00 PMMedicare Fraud prevention
Friday10:42:34 PMInt w/CB Sen Ctr Mgr Rodney
Friday10:55:08 PMDoylestown Health Covid PSA
Friday11:00:00 PMSame day joint surgery
*This schedule is valid as of 4:15 PM on Sunday, May 24, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.